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Goldiebyrde is a shop for anyone growing in their individuality by finding that perfect thing. You know, that thing,  the thing that mimics the concept you had in your head to a T and is meant to go home with you. Whether you are looking for a quick addition to your jewelry collection or a thrifted piece that screams your name, we hope to invoke your creativity in the bad bitch you truly are. The owner's love of personalization, style and confidence has helped solidify our concept of  finding/creating meaningful pieces which aim to fill not only your wardrobe but your heart as well. 

People search for a safe space to shop where options vary and you have a way to tailor your look. Once you pick what speaks to you from our collection, we want you to cherish your choice. We know that shopping can be stressful so our goal is to give you the courage to pick that item you think will work and turn the thought from think to KNOW.


At Goldiebyrde we aim to cultivate not just pieces for purchase, but reminders of the power of courage and confidence it takes to be you. We have a story for every item, named to bring it to life in the hopes that it finds its rightful home. Our overall desire is to expand this gift of confidence in people which we hope will start with our small humble shop. ​Thank you so much for stopping by, please enjoy shopping our small business.



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