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Consider this the perfect combination for your peace and prosperity.


Palo Santo-

Useful for energy cleansing this “holy wood” works wonders in adding positivity and good fortune into your space. Doubling as an incense with this aromatic fragrance it is great to burn when meditating.


The “master healer,” this crystal is the amplifier of energy. Aiding in spiritual growth and wisdom it helps to bring harmony. It is also helpful when it comes to concentration guiding creative energy and inspiration to the holder.


Activate your creativity while releasing your fears and doubts. Citrine aka the Merchant’s stone helps to balance the emotional state while strengthening qualities of joy and abundance.


Rid the mind of negative thoughts and bring forth humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom. Said to promote serenity and calm the amethyst works wonders in reducing anxiety as well as protecting and healing.

Smokey Quartz-

Bringing a sense of calm into your energy with smokey quartz. Helping to balance you emotionally. This crystal is a lifter of depression and negativity while bringing a relief of stress and anxiety. Remember, just breathe.


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